It was bound to happen eventually.....Sigh....Thanks for your understanding!

Splash! Pattern correction:  
In the Cutting Instructions on page 1, there are two cutting instructions for Fabric E.  The second Fabric E in the row on the right side of the page, should be corrected to read:
Fabric F
Cut one strip 5 1/2 inches, sub-cut nine 1 inch pieces.  These cuts are for the fish stripes.

I apologize for the confusion!  xxx, Deb  (All pattern downloads as of 9/4/2016 are correct)
Zoe Zebra Pattern correction:  
Under Zoe’s Legs and Body, it says Fabric’s A and B, it SHOULD be Fabric’s A and “C”.
Page 1 Cutting Instructions, Fabric E and F should say cut six 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 inch squares.  
Preparing the Pieces:  STEMS Should say Cut a piece of fusible web 2 x 26 inches.
So sorry!  xxx, Deb  (All pattern downloads as of 6/26/2017 are correct)
Happy Hexies Quilt Pattern correction:
Page 4 Step 8: Should be Figure 11b
Step 9: should say Layout your next three rows following Steps 8 and 9 then sew them together.
So sorry!  xxx, Deb  (All pattern downloads as of 6/26/2017 are correct)
Miss Scarlet Quilt Pattern correction:
Step 3, Section 2, last bullet point should read….
Sew the units together as show in Figure 3g for a center medallion measuring 60 1/2 x 60 1/2 inches when placed on point.