WB-016 Christopher Crow

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WB-016 Christopher Crow

Christopher Crow includes all the pieces shown and measures 9.25 x 5 inches as arranged.

BE CREATIVE! Wooly Bits are custom cut appliqué pieces ready for you to use in any of your projects.

They can be used on table runners, pillows, wall hangings or however you want to be creative!

Each piece is fused with Soft Fuse, fusible web for a soft hand then cut with our custom dies.

The package cover has dashed lines to indicate suggested stitching and you can embellish with other stitches, buttons, beads, ribbon or anything else that you choose.

We use a variety of sources for the wool we use but all is 100% fulled wool (felted).
Note: While we will try to always send out each custom cut Wooly in the wool textures and colors shown, on occasion we may need to use a suitable substitute.